This world is madder than Sheogorath

20 year old Dovah-kin. Pronouns are Do/Doh/Dovah, please stick to them. Looking for likeminded friends! Feel free to message me about whatever.
And how do you feel about Tolkien dragons being uniformly evil?

I think Tolkien himself may have been a dragonkin. Maybe he wrote the dragons killing humans and such to show maybe if the tables were turned, and the dragonkin were on top of the social ladder. Of course in the end he has to show the “good guys” winning, otherwise the sheep wouldn’t buy his work.

Now that Mojang is being purchased, it’s time our voices became heard.

For a long time, my people have been alienated from Minecraft. Dragonkin everywhere don’t feel self or welcome to play, and I intend to change that.

I have made a petition and I hope you all sign it and spread the word. We need as many of their employees to see it as possible. Thanks, Tumblr.

No troll signatures please, I want to keep this serious so that the people in charge will take us seriously.

When will it end?
holy shit you are racist as fuck

I’m racist for saying the truth? I’m not one to beat around the bushes.

Humans are incredibly similar looking.

Just google image search all the races. All asians have black hair and squinty eyes. All black people have nappy hair, dark skin, and brown eyes. Spanish people all have brown hair and brown eyes. At least white people have SOME variation, with many eye colors, hair colors, and facial structures. The other races are copy paste of eachother.

But still, even white people don’t come NEARLY as close to the diversity of Dragonkin. We have different sizes, scale color, scale pattern, eye color, wing span, wyrm or wyvern, it just goes on and on. Just another reason why Dragonkin are superior to everyone else.

To all the people telling me to kill myself and variations of the like

You think you may be hurting my feelings, but really you’re just making me stronger. You think I’m alone, but I have thousands with me. Countless otherkin see me as a beacon of hope, and I will have their voices heard. You send me hatemail not because I am wrong, but because you are afraid of what I have to say.

I am Dovah-kin, and I always will be. The dragon is strong inside of me, and your mean words won’t change any of that. You’re all wasting your time. Go do something productive, like get off the computer for once and let people live their lives. We want a world without this childish bullying, and we won’t rest until we have it.

I will never back down.

WE will never back down.

If anyone could link me to wherever I was featured, I’d really appreciate it.

I’d love to go into the comments and educate these people.

Lot of hatemail tonight, I must’ve been featured on tumblrinaction or some other cesspit.


You were featured on the cringechannel

Good to know, thanks. A whole new website full of people too immature to think outside of their tiny world box.

That's actually amazing, I understand your logic. Is there anyway we could chat some, like on a kik?

I don’t use kik because people use that to exchange nudes and I am not comfortable with my body.

I have so many questions, I don't know where to start! (All positive ones, don't worry!) I guess the first one is, do you think you could love anyone that was not a otherkin? (Hopefully I used that term correctly) <3

Yes, but they have to be 100% accepting of everything. Don’t question what I say about otherkin rights, and you have to like to cuddle.

you dont actually think that you're a dragonborn from the Elder Scrolls games, do you?

I am not a dragonborn, I am a Dovah-kin, or Dragon-kin. Depending on how you want to say it.